A Critical Overview of Trifles Composition

A Critical Overview of Trifles

A Critical Report on Trifles

by the girl of rain


Susan Glaspell can be described as playwright and novelist who was affected in her works by her background her period. During her job like a journalist for the daily news the lady reported a murder of a farmer in whose wife was accused of killing him, so it motivated her to create Ajury of Her Expert (1917), a short-story, plus the one-act-play Trifles (1916). Susan was highly feminist, so in her play Trifle, she guards her male or female and displays the women struggle at her time. The lady highlights the themes of gender situation and gender perspective and shows how men minimize women. Also, she portrays how women think more efficiently than males throughout the enjoy, and she makes the visitor sympathy with her personas. The perform starts with the entrance in the sheriff Peters, the state attorney, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Good into Mrs. Wright's kitchen who is arrested for the murder of her hubby. When the men go upper level to find evidences that they don't believe they will get in the kitchen, mainly because in their point of view it is foolish area as it belongs to ladies, Susan is creating a space for the women during their dialogue to show their particular intelligence and the analysis that may be based on inquiries. Through their very own talking that they find a useless bird which can be one of the most significant details that they can build all their conclusions in. The women conceal this mainly because they may want the men find it like a motive pertaining to Mrs. Wright to kill her hubby, and the play ends following the women mislead the men. The bird inside the play is highly symbolic for Mrs. and Mr. Wright which I think Susan provides succeeded in using it. Assessment


Symbols in literature add further connotations and associated with meaning live in the reader's mind. As much plays Trifles has a number of symbols which make the reader understand deeply the characters and the roles throughout the play. The symbol inside the play may be the bird which is often used to represent Mrs. Wright herself and...