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With concerns resulting from absenteeism, many universities and communities across the country possess suggested solutions that place the responsibility upon four pieces of society: parents, students, universities, and the community. Wisconsin code hold parents responsible for their students' absenteeism and truancy by improving fines, demanding counseling, demanding that parents attend school with their kids, and demanding meeting with school officials (Wisconsin, 2000). In the same way, Lee & Miltenberger (1996) report that parents who also are perceived as contributing to college refusal behavior by providing attention and touchable reinforcers need to receive counseling to invert high absenteeism. Some schools require therapies and residence visits for parents whose youngsters are chronically lack of (Ford & Sutphen, 1996). Arkansas and Tulsa Region (OK) enforce fines upon parents, and sixteen school districts in Tulsa Region participate in an Absence Sign up System that prosecutes parents for repeated absenteeism (Gullatt & Lemoine, 1997).

Stringent measures are also employed for learners in many university districts. Wisconsin statutes enable fines, counselling, participation during working hours programs, home detention, revocation of work permits, and probationary tactics through teen the courtroom programs (Wisconsin, 2000). In case study done by Enomoto (1997), stricter adherence to school rules by students is definitely enforced to lessen absenteeism. In the end, students are definitely the ones who have must accept responsibility intended for attending college.

Schools in addition have a role in taking responsibility for college student absenteeism and providing sanctions against those people who are chronic abusers of attendance policies. Wisconsin statutes need that colleges must get in touch with parents at the conclusion of the second day of absence and let schools to supply detention and extra assignments while deterrents. Additionally , schools in Wisconsin might prohibit participation i after school activities, permit n

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