Anita Roddick, your body Shop

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 Anita Roddick, the Body Store Essay

Anita Roddick, The entire body Shop

Sylvia Whisenant

Strayer University

Dr . Johnny Maddox

Business 302

November twenty four, 2011

Anita Roddick, Your body Shop

This paper examines the management design of Anita Roddick, how her unique design of leadership helped her become not only a success in business, nevertheless a success when you get the world of business business for being green and socially liable.

The main Business

The Body Shop, a world- wide makeup products company, its products are made with natural ingredients from around the world. This was the organization that Anita Roddick started out as a way to earn a living. She failed to promise to take years off from a persons encounter, but to provide inexpensive and natural lotions and get social justice for free. (Fried, 2008) The Start

Following running a restaurant and motel, overworked and needing a change, Anita's hubby Gordon chose a horseback ride by Buenos Zones to Nyc leaving Anita to support herself and their two daughters. Requiring money to outlive with no schooling or encounter, Anita combined ingredients together that your woman had in her garage area, making 20 different products. In Mar of 1976, she exposed her initial store in Brighton England using her hotel while collateral. (History, 2011) The shop was between two funeral parlors which brought on a risk of a legal action because of the name The Body Shop turned into complimentary publicity for her new venture. Because the lady didn't have enough money, she got hand drafted labels and offered her clients to reuse their particular bottles, starting the age of recycling. Ten months later your woman opened the second store, later on franchising The entire body Shop. 3 Major Organization Challenges

Back then, once most businesses were exposed mostly by men, exactly where banks failed to loan girls money, this is one of Anita Roddick's biggest challenges. The girl had gone to her local traditional bank to borrow money to open the shop. The bank turned her down. The girl told her husband what happened, so he...

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Anita Roddick, the Body Shop
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