Conjoined Twin babies: Definition and Statistics

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 Conjoined Mixed twins: Definition and Statistics Article

Rough Format: Conjoined Twin babies

Definition and Figures

* Identical twins which might be physically signed up with at birth

* Referred to as Siamese twins which will comes from the famous twins Eng and Bunker who were created in Siam (Thailand) in 1811

Twinning occurs in a single of two ways:

1) a female releases two eggs instead of the usual one

2) a woman creates only one egg that divides after feeding

In the case of conjoined twins

* Women only generates one single egg, which does not fully independent after fertilization * Developing embryo starts to split into the same twins throughout the first few weeks after getting pregnant but the process stops before its finish * One other theory shows that two distinct embryos may well somehow merge together at the begining of development


* Generally there aren't any kind of specific symptoms that a female is carrying conjoined twin babies * As with other twin pregnancies, the uterus may grow more rapidly than expected, and mothers of twins can also have more exhaustion, nausea and vomiting early in the motherhood * Conjoined twins will be classified simply by where they can be joined * Medical experts work with words to identify conjoined baby twins that contain " pagus” meaning " fastened” in Greek * Thoracopagus twins will be joined with the chest, talk about a cardiovascular and may likewise share a liver and upper intestinal tract * Omphalopagus twins happen to be joined close to the bellybutton, talk about the lean meats, and some discuss the lower part in the small gut (ileum) and colon * Pygopagus twins are signed up with at the foundation of the backbone, share the reduced gastrointestinal tract, and a few talk about the genital and urinary organs * Ischiopagus twins are signed up with at the pelvis, share the lower gastronintestinal system, as well as the genital and urinary tract bodily organs * Craniopagus twins are joined with the heard, reveal a skull and possibly human brain tissue, several also reveal cerebral cortex—the part of the head that plays a central role in memory, language and belief...

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Conjoined Twins: Explanation
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