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1 . Course No . -PGPM 13

2 . Course Title-Construction Staff Management

3. Assignment No . -One

You are a Job Manager over a site wherever works to get 3KM very long Tunnel has been undertaken. The internet site is distant and takes about 2 days and nights travel to nearby town. Administrators, technicians and skilled employees are involved in dangerous / hazardous work. Absenteeism because of sickness, quarrels, drinking will be adding to much less output of work and chances of accident on the website are increasing. Management has urged to perform something so that time target can be obtained. Discuss how will you tackle the challenge and increase the output of the work.

First of all as a Job manager, find proper reasons and investigate the things according to situation at work front side. After investigating following probable reasons are found due to which output of workers for site are receiving down. In this situation project manager needs to play a huge role of workers management.


1 . Eating Alcohol:

It really is found that several laborers are eating excessive low-quality quality wines, which is offered nearby of labor's colony and construction site. It is due to consumption of this kind of cheap top quality alcohol, laborer's are losing control on their behavior, attitude towards work, and heath. As it occurs at just about all working sites, there is a big ring of wine mafias who encourage their own against the law business nearby such spots. It is difficult to tackle these kinds of problem although not impossible. This also becomes a reason for frequent quarrels among consumer's own family as well as outsiders. Actions:

• Influence laborers never to consume alcoholic beverages or additional addictives, which drastically effects their physical as well as mental strength. • Arrange awareness programs, takes on, visual shows on this sort of themes and subjects. Such programs definitely would help people to seek a right path to carry out right items. • If at all possible ask administration dept. approach these wine selling personnel's either to avoid or at least limit their sales per individal. • Take assistance from regional police specialists if necessary towards controlling local wine retailers. 2 . Hygienic condition:

Labor's colonies are generally not up to the regular from hygienic point of view. Labors living in these kinds of unhygienic conditions are prone to frequent medical problems.

• Proper sanitary facilities are generally not provided in labor nest, • Persons do not use dustbins offered by management, and throw trash, kitchen sludge anywhere in nest, which worsens the situation and is also also a cause of frequent quarrels between labors. • Various potholes are simply in labor colony, a breeding space for attacks. • Same water is provided for drinking purpose as well as domestic use. All this ends in unhygienic living conditions and contributes to outbreak of epidemic inside the labor community. Apart from this, since the labor are moved away from their home, can't appreciate social existence and hence think homesick. This also has a result on their performance. Some of these problems can be fixed by taking several precursory steps, Such as: • Open yet another office since, Safety Health insurance and Environment – SHE middle at labor colony. • Appoint a health care provider as wellness officer and introduce regimen weekly / fortnight health check up for a lot of labors by SHE middle. • Present Compulsory vaccination to all personnel foreseeing possibilities of an epidemic outbreak. Maintain some emergency treatment medications, Snake mouthful kits, shower facility and so forth readily available all of the camp. Free condom circulation.

• Build a separate normal water tank intended for drinking goal and on time cleaning of water container....

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