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The city We've chosen is definitely New Delhi, the capital of India. In lots of ways it is a small reflection of all parts of India. Owing to the image as a land of opportunities, various people via varied cultures, backgrounds, parts and made use of come here every year which has led to a blended society. It is just a haven for foodies because there is a wide variety of cuisines and experiences obtainable from variable cuisine or perhaps specialized fine dining eating places to dhabas and via clubs to cafes etc . � So far as infrastructure is involved, there has been an enormous burst in the last few years. The facial skin of the town has changed because of the development of fresh and better roadways, the metro etc . Many historic sites inside the city are now maintained and conservation operations are getting carried out to make sure the rich past of the great town is not lost. Therefore has led to a boost in tourism too. The per capita income of the citizens of Delhi has been on a constant surge with every moving year which results in more spending power containing further led to a humongous increase in the number of cars for the roads in Delhi. Becoming a cosmopolitan,  Delhi has an acute shortage of highways and auto parking spaces. Having said that, I want to bring to notice the gigantic problem that may be caused by the many cars which have been bought again and motivated each day in the city. The quantity and space of the streets remains continuous, unlike the quantity cars which might be bought Likewise, like other urban urban centers, New Delhi is also affected by other complications like becoming notorious and having a trustworthiness of being hazardous for women. Data corruption has leaked out into the system like poison at each level. Traffic Congestion Alternatives through numerous Creative Thinking Techniques-

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