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Enrichment Questions

Guidance: This is an honors level course. Answer all questions fully using full sentences. If you wish full credit, please give plenty of information. 1 . How is the idea of homeostasis linked to aging and disease? Provide examples to support your pondering. -The not enough homeostasis (called homeostatic imbalance) can cause a number of different types of diseases and disorders. Homeostasis will make sure from the efficiency in control functions from the body. Diabetes, gout, and any disease caused by a contaminant in the blood stream result from homeostatic imbalance. 2 . When we are dried out, we are dehydrated and drink water. Is part of adverse or great feedback control systems? Explain your reasoning. -Positive, as the body provides a response to lack of water simply by signaling to the brain the urge for a drink, 'thirst', which will needs quenched and will wake up you via a deep sleep, being thirsty is very an vital which will distract the person till they chill it then when enough fluids had been taken, the body switches off the " thirst mode. ” 3. How come would you have a hard time understanding physiology if you did not also appreciate anatomy? -Because one would not know that both terms happen to be virtually similar in some ways they use the same processes. Both anatomy of human body have their variations but 1 cannot appreciate anatomy without knowing physiology and vice versa. some. Describe the several body major.

-dorsal physique cavity

-cranial cavity, surrounded by the head and contains the mind, eyes, and ears. -spinal canal, enclosed by the spinal column and contains the spinal cord. -ventral body cavity

-thoracic tooth cavity, enclosed by the ribcage and contains the lungs and center. -abdominopelvic cavity

-abdominal cavity, surrounded by the ribcage and pelvis and contains the kidneys, ureters, stomach, intestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, and pancreatic -pelvic cavity, enclosed by the pelvis and possesses...