Ode for the West Wind Essay

Epigramme to the Western Wind

п»їOde to the Western world Wind is actually a poem addressed to the west wind. It really is personified equally as a " Destroyer" and a " Preserver". It truly is seen as a wonderful power of mother nature that destroys in order to make, that kills the detrimental and the decaying to make means for the new as well as the fresh. The personification from the west blowing wind as a great enchanter, as being a wild spirit is characteristic of Shelley's poetry. Shelley's personification in the west blowing wind can be called " myth poesies", another kind of metaphor. The composition is broken into five stanzas or parts. Each part consists of 13 lines. The rhyming system is aba, bcb, cdc, ded; and a rhyming concept at the conclusion. Sub Topics

1 . Stanza one particular

2 . Stanza 2

3. Stanza several

4. Stanza 4

five. Stanza five

Stanza one particular

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The poet person addresses the west breeze as " Wild" and the " Breath of air of Autumn's Being. " It is a strong force which in turn drives the dead leaves which are yellow, black, soft and frantic red, to distant places just like ghosts coming from an enivrer. The western world wind provides winged seeds to their dark wintery beds underground which remain generally there till the west wind gusts sister in the spring period blows and these seed then blossom into lovely, scented plants. The earth in that case will be alive with these types of living lives or shades and fragrances or perfumes. In this way the west blowing wind acts both as a Destroyer and Preserver. Stanza two

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The Shelley describes the powerful effect of the west blowing wind in the sky. The west blowing wind brakes aside the " Clouds" like earth's decaying leaves through the boughs of Heaven. After being plucked, these presume the fierce posture of black rain and hail. These rainfall clouds happen to be compared to the outspread hair within the sky from the horizon to its zenith. The wildness and confusion in the sky is definitely compared to a few fierce Maenad, the worshipper of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine. Maenad worships the almighty in a frenzied fashion, outstanding her hair like tangled clouds. These types of indicate the approaching storm. The Western Wind turns into a dirge (funeral song) which can be being being sung for the dying yr. The night becomes a vast tomb where vapours have been created like curve and will soon come down because rain and hail. Stanza 3

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The west blowing wind blows above the blue Mediterranean sea which has been described as a vast sleepy snake, which will dreams of old civilization (palaces and towers) rich in flowers and plants. The sea perceives " aged palaces and towers" in sleep, which will quiver if the west blowing wind blows. Both Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans are affected by the West Blowing wind. The Atlantic's surface gets cut in to chasms to make way for the West Blowing wind and the vegetation below the area trembles in fear in the force from the west wind flow. Stanza 4

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The Western world Wind at this point becomes a personal force. The poet says that if perhaps he were a dead leaf, a fast cloud, a wave, this individual could your West Wind's power and its strength. In his childhood, the poet experienced the power and strength and could probably out speed the west wind, but now this individual (the poet) no longer gets the strength when he has been destabilized by the issue, and burdens of your life and he's no longer " tame much less, ", " swift" and " proud" as he used to be in his childhood. He can blushing as he has fallen on the thorns of your life - meaning he is facing many problems/crisis in his life which has attracted away all his strength and electric power; and he is now finding out about to the west wind, asking for him pertaining to his help. Stanza your five

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Despair and trauma which the poet is usually experiencing right now gives way to a new hope. Shelly offers himself to the western world wind in the same manner as the sky, the ocean and the forests perform. He requests the west wind to be the musician who can take out a deep fall tone from him and maker harmoniums music from him in the forest. The poet presents himself for the west blowing wind to be applied as a " lyre" for this specific purpose. The music hence produced may be sad yet sweet. The poet then goes on to evaluate himself to an unextinguished open fireplace with ashes and sparks - and therefore the poet still has...