Racial Profiling Essay

Racial Profiling

Responsible Before Harmless

Imagine getting guilty with out done anything to deserve this title. This can be a reality for a lot of African Us citizens who confront discrimination simply because of the color of their skin. In the article, " Hounding the Innocent, ” Bob Herbert states, " Most Americans have no idea of the extent from the race-based profiling that is carried out by law-enforcement representatives and the demotivating effect it includes on its victims. ” Herbert is merely half right. Most White colored Americans " have no idea, ” about how very much racial profiling is actually taking place. Most non-White Americans are unaware of how often profiling happens. Racial profiling can be described as bigger trouble than most of us realize mainly because authority often abuses all their power.

Herbert gives samples of racial profiling, which happens in many elements of the world. Furthermore, he talks about the tragic story of a man, Rossano Gerald and his son Greg who were pulled over and interrogated by law enforcement because of their race. The police separated the man fantastic son coming from each other and searched the vehicle with the help of drug-sniffing dogs. He was discovered to become innocent following being subjected to this unjust interrogation. This shows that ethnicity profiling is a common occurrence that results often from the prejudice brains of law-enforcing officials.

Many people may declare racial profiling is necessary and reasonable mainly because those guilt ridden are often cultural and theredore, it can help law-enforcement official's criminal arrest terrorists and other criminals. One more argument comes from Mayor Giuliani who says, " The halts are powered by the descriptions of the person who committed the crime. ” Herbert refutes this disagreement by saying that most halts are not attached to any one criminal offenses but are, " arbitrarily and unconscionable attacks. ” What should all of us do about racial profiling? If nonwhite Americans happen to be aware of the situation, which it appears to us that they are, then a next step is to make White Americans more aware. This really is a place...