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Summary of Brave New World

Aldous Huxley's novel, Courageous New World, can be described as fictitious interpretation of a highly advanced utopian contemporary society. In this world every aspect of life is manipulated and manipulated, with a specific purpose in mind. Humans are certainly not conceived by simply parents, but rather in labs, undergoing therapies that enhance or damage the individual's potential. Contemporary society adheres to a caste system in which there are multiple " levels” of intelligence (i. e. alpha, beta, delta, etc . ). The book commences within a laboratory where a tour has been given of the laboratory when the humans are conceived. The conditioning procedure is explained and recommendations to the " old world” are made, jokingly pondering what it would be like to have parents, practice monogamy, and live in a world with infinite defects. One of the main personas, Bernard, is usually introduced. He can considered odd by most of the people, but that is the fault he thinks for him self and inquiries whether this individual should conform to society. He has thoughts for another persona, Lenina, who is attracted to Bernard, but unwilling to spend enough time with him because of his abnormal behavior. Bernard and Lenina strategy a trip to a " fierce, ferocious reservation” in New Mexico. Before departing, Bernard speaks with a overseer for acceptance, and the movie director gets upset, recounting a story of one of his individual visits to the reservation yrs ago. The overseer threatens to deliver Bernard to Iceland. Once at the booking, Bernard and Lenina meet a young guy named Steve. John differs from the other savages because he is white colored and addresses English. When he mentions his mother and her beginnings, Bernard understands that his mother, Linda, is the lady the representative had shed on his trip here yrs ago. More of John's childhood can be revealed. His mother was often struggling because the girl practiced traditions from the utopian world inside the reservation, such as promiscuity. Ruben explains his love of reading, specifically Shakespeare. Bernard invites Steve and his mom back...