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* Trivia Fact one particular - There were no Elizabethan Theatres until 1576 - plays were performed inside the courtyards of inns -- they were referred to as 'inn-yards' 2. Trivia Simple fact 2 - James Burbage built the very first theatre in 1576 with his brother-in-law David Brayne, properly named 'The Theatre'. 2. Trivia Fact 3 -- The Globe was built in a similar style towards the Coliseum, but on a small scale - other Elizabethan Theatres implemented this style of architecture - we were holding called amphitheatres. * Trivia Fact some - Elizabethan theatres were used for bear baiting, betting and for wrong purposes 2. Trivia Reality 5 - Elizabethan theatres attracted huge crowds -- up to 3000 people * Trivia Simple fact 6 -- Shakespeare and his company constructed TWO Earth Theatres! 5. Trivia Reality 7 - The Globe movie theater was created by a carpenter called Peter Smith along with his workforce. They started building in 1597 and it was finished in 1598 2. Trivia Fact 8 - Many Londoners were stringent Protestants - Puritans in fact , who abhorred the cinemas and many from the people they attracted 5. Trivia Simple fact 9 -- Objections towards the Theatres increased from the House of worship and the Associated with London Officials Respectable residents added much more objections regarding the rise in crime as well as the bawdy characteristics of a few of the plays, struggling with, drinking let alone the risk of a lot of people and the distributed of the Bubonic Plague! In 1596 London's authorities had been unwilling to ignore the growing complaints any longer and they suspended the public demonstration of performs and all Cinemas within the Town limits of London 2. Trivia Simple fact 10 -- All Cinemas located in metropolis were forced to move to the South area of the Riv Thames