Humility Composition



Renée Fisher

The grandmother, in Mary Flannery O'Connor's " A Good Person Is Hard To Find” was controlling and manipulative your woman considered herself a sophisticated woman, prim and proper. She's taught a lesson in humility although learns it way too later. " Humility is certainly not thinking significantly less of your self, it's considering yourself less” (Lewis, C. S. 2013). Bailey is aware of his mother's tricks to control him to do what the girl wants thus he purposely ignores her ramping and raving regarding not wanting to go to Florida. The lady makes yet another appeal to Bailey by trying to make him feel like a bad daddy if this individual takes them to Florida in which a criminal provides escaped and has headed there. " I more than likely take my own children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. We could't solution to my conscience” (O'Connor, M. 1955, g. 258). Nevertheless , her charm is not really sincere she has an alternative objective to manipulate Mcneally into taking the family to Tennessee. Finally when her appeal to Bailey does not work she uses the children to convince the mother to improve Bailey's brain; stating the kids needed to go someplace exactly where they could be " broad” (O'Connor, M. 1955, p. 258), expand their knowledge to try out, see and explore another state. The grandmother turns into very dramatic with her actions, while using hopes the mother read her dialogue with Mcneally and will react insisting he listen to his mother and change their plans consequently. After all a mother whom loves her children may not put them consciously in harm's way. The grandmother's motive is home centered without having regards to the feelings more. Clearly the Grandmother got no admiration for her kid or his wife and she with her pleased and pompous attitude appeared down on the youngsters for being bluff. The children most likely saw through her craftiness and spoke to her with the reality of knowing the girl was a faux. " The lady wouldn't be home more to be queen for a day” (O'Connor, M. (1955), g. 258). 06...

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