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EXAMINE AND DEVELOPMENT OF COMPRESSED AIR ENGINESINGLE CYLINDER: A REVIEW RESEARCH *Mistry Manish K. one particular, *Dr. Pravin P. Rathod2, *Prof. Sorathiya Arvind H. 3 one particular

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This paper is usually reports for the review of compressed air engine for the design and development of single cylinder engine which can be operate by the pressurized air. Current four strokes single canister engine (bikes/moped) can be operate on the pressurized air by modifications which might be the main target of the analyze. Compressed air filled simply by electricity using a compressor. The electricity requirement for compressing air flow has to be deemed while processing overall efficiency. Nevertheless the pressurized air automobile will lead to reducing a air pollution and tend to actually zero pollution level and endorsing great environment. Main advantage of this engine is that not any hydrocarbon gas required means no combustion process is take place.


In fact , two centuries ahead of that Dennis

Papin[6]apparently developed the idea of applying

compressed atmosphere (Royal Contemporary society London, 1687).

In 1872 the Mekarski[6] air engine was used for street

transit, consisting of a solitary stage engine. Numerous

train locomotives were made and numerous

regular lines were became available (the initially in Nantes in


In 1892, Robert Hardie[6] introduced a fresh method of

heating that as well served to improve the

selection of the engine which in turn helped to increase

the distance that could be moved at a stretch. One of

its news was regenerative braking. By utilizing

the engine as a compressor during deceleration, air

and heat had been added to the tanks, elevating the

selection between fill-ups.

However , the first downtown transport locomotive was

not really introduced until 1898, simply by Hoadley and Knight[6],

and was based on the principle the longer air

is retained in the engine the more high temperature it absorbs and the

better its range. As a result that they introduced a twostage engine. Charles B. Hodges[6] will be remembered while

the true dad of the pressurized air concept applied

to cars, becoming the first-person, not only to invent a car

powered by a compressed air engine but likewise to have

extensive commercial success with that.

After twelve years of r and d, Guy

Negre[6] has developed an engine that could turn into

one of the biggest technical advances of the

century. A spanish engineer professionally, he features

designed a low consumption and low air pollution

engine pertaining to urban car that runs on compressed

air technology. " surroundings car” coming from Motor Development

International is known as a significant stage for no emission

transportation, delivering a compressed air-driven vehicle

that is certainly safe, peaceful, has a top speed of one hundred ten km/h and a

selection of 200 kilometers. Guy NГЁgre is the brain of Study

and Creation at Moteur Development

International (MDI) autos, where the Absolutely no Emission

Automobile (ZEV) modele has been in creation

since year 1994.


It is difficult to believe that compressed air can be used

drive an automobile vehicles. Even so that is authentic and " air car”

as it popularly knows provides caught the interest of

study worldwide. It has zero emission and is best

IJAET/Vol. III/ Issue I/January-March, 2012/271-274

intended for city traveling condition. MDI (Moteur

Creation International) is usually one company that

contains the intercontinental patents to get compressed surroundings car.

This kind of review examine reveals target is to work the 4

strokes bike with help of compressed atmosphere, it will try to

achieve a 50 km/h range and speed of refilling

compressed atmosphere is following running of 70-80 km.

Two technologies have been produced to meet

several need

(1) Single energy compressed atmosphere engines.

(2) Dual strength compressed air flow plus energy


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IJAET/Vol. III/ Issue I/January-March, 2012/271-274

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IJAET/Vol. III/ Concern I/January-March, 2012/271-274

E-ISSN 0976-3945