Importance of Controlling Checkpoints in Management Essay

Importance of Handling Checkpoints in Management

п»їExercise 6: Checkpoints with the Process

1 . From a manager's perspective, what is the value of the minor and major milestones? 2 . What if the project director do at the conclusion of each version or period? Major and minor milestones are an crucial part of software program development procedure. There are four major breakthrough after every phase: Invention, Elaboration, Execution and Change. After Inception phase the elaboration and analysis procedure starts. Following Elaboration period the process of job creation can be started. After Implementation period starts the delivery means of application to the customer. After Application phase it can be discussed the near future perspectives of project done. Major breakthrough allow all of us to share the numerous progress with all the customers and sponsors. Small milestones are usually a key part. Their number is certainly not fixed and dependent on number of stages. It should be not less than the quantity of stages of lifecycle although can be even more. It is performed after every single stage or even more often. Also, it is represented being a meeting wherever all the staff discusses the progress performed and issues to do with the project manager. They allow progress check during computer software development process. After every single iteration a meeting usually takes place. There are some necessary points in the meeting. They can be plan of meetings (schedule), attendance list, agenda and minutes. More than this there is a transitional control. It can be called status review. It could be in a form of meeting but as well as done slightly. Status review meeting should be held in a friendly atmosphere. The real key point of the meetings can be check of progress which can be scheduled initially meeting and the staff is definitely knowledgeable of these. Here is the sort of control point graph:







Requirements Analysis





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