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October 1347, the Europeans were greeted with the dark plague which in turn wiped out about one third in the whole human population in European countries nearly 20 million people. (History) Far before that in regarding 3400 N. C. the cultivation from the new age trouble was being selected and planted by the Mesopotamians which is noted today as Opium. The modern, Afghanistan controls nearly 90% of all opium growth and distribution which is a $65 billion dollars market. (Sites) Opium is a dried condescended form of poppy juice with a narcotic effect and if found in large doasage amounts it may be poisonous. Opium is quite popularly found in Heroin, which is a street medication that was at one time used to calm soldiers in war. Today Heroin handles the lives about 12-15 million hooked users worldwide, and in Afghanistan alone regarding 1 mil users. This is due to the availability and cheap price in the drug through Afghanistan. (Sites). Just during the past three years Afghanistan's poppy sector began resurfacing. And with Afghanistan's ever increasing cultivation of the opiate making poppy herb, we are discovering the effects of the cultivation and drug make use of getting even worse. Thus producing Afghanistan the largest opium producer today.

Addiction is a common thread pertaining to mankind everyone craves some form of something. Which range from that cup of joe you drink every morning to the television set programs you watch during the night, there's always a void that has to have tending also. In Afghanistan however , the voids they will face differ greatly via most People in the usa. Notoriously recognized for their rap sheet of wars the people of Afghanistan have been plagued by terrorism and the inability of their authorities for years. Setting up a poverty ridden war traumatized environment for individuals to live in. Leading to voids we as American's so much neglect such as salary, clean water, and meals. These each day burdens include a heavy fee on the mental and physical well-being of countless. Belittling them to succumb to the control of the pain getting rid of...

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