Is Religion Useful Composition

Is Faith Useful

Is Religion Useful?

Mcdougal argues that people have two general thinking that suppress them coming from taking religious beliefs seriously or perhaps from practicing it. Some individuals have a " Ho Hum” attitude towards faith which means that persons believe that when in basic principle religion's teachings are the method we should execute our lives, following every educating is improper. Other persons have a " enjoy out” frame of mind where people think that religion is hazardous and can cause bad somewhat good outcomes.

Reasons for the Ho-Hum frame of mind can be found in culture, the communication of religion, and also other religious people. Some people simply don't have you a chance to practice or learn about religious beliefs because of the active lives they will live. Other folks find religious beliefs to be not practical even though the rules that it instructs are in fact correct and can support humanity develop and progress. These people get religion being impractical because of the selfish motives of others which can make following spiritual teachings extremely hard because they can suffer as a result of others who do not stick to religious theories. Lastly, many people see church-goers as being hypocrites who may preach that they can follow the teachings of the cathedral but in the end do not practice it outside of the church wall space.

Some individuals view faith as being a damaging and dangerous man made idea. According to these critics, religious beliefs and beliefs get in the way of getting truly human being and produce it tougher for individuals to live a proper life as well as for society to make the world a much better place. Some people such as Freud believe that faith is a crutch and that faith is something which people have recently been led to imagine they need yet really don't. Several have characterized religion being a drug or opiate. These people believe that religion has been utilized to control the weak and poor through history by simply telling those to give money and to believe in authority without a valid reason to do so. These same people point...