Itc Echoupal Initiative Composition

Itc Echoupal Initiative

The ITC eChoupal Initiative

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Background: Soybeans and their derivatives constituted two-thirds of ITC's agricultural business. ITC had an integrated presence throughout the entire value sequence, from procurement to foreign trade. Farmers acquired traditionally counted on choupals, an informal assembly, as their simply source of farming knowledge and sold soybeans at the closest market, or perhaps mandi, to traders utilized by ITC. Inspite of success of soybean goods in household and international market, ITC's input and output edges of the farming supply cycle in India were nonetheless far from useful mainly due to fragmented facilities, weak facilities and the participation of numerous intermediaries. Key Issues and Important Perspectives: Farmers and cpus were both in an useless cycle. Maqui berry farmers did not gain access to key inputs such as quality seed or herbicides and were shedding over 60 per cent of their plants potential benefit. Then middlemen clogged the provision chain and were typically unfair using their payment to farmers. ITC really wanted to get a way they will could bring about and safeguarded the competitiveness of the entire value chain. Farmers were risk against and did not invest much in their seeds, resulting in a reduced value plant then possible. Furthermore, farmers were wary of experimenting with new methods therefore it was difficult to find new causes of value and a way to break the unproductive cycle. Breaking the cycle and contributing benefit: ITC understood that to lessen costs inside the supply string they would have to break the long traditions of maqui berry farmers selling at the mandis, after that traders selling to ITC. They will knew that the choupal was very useful to farmers, yet extremely limited because it was merely spoken communication with no support of telecommunication or electricity. In an attempt to add benefit to the source chain, ITC began to expose the eChoupal system. The eChoupal system provided value to farmers by offering all of them free, up to date marketing and...