Kazakh Language Essay

Kazakh Language

ID: 20121349

Date: 11. 01. 13

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Today the majority of popular concern is difficulty of nationwide language in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh terminology is the indigenous language with the Kazakh people. Kazakh is definitely the state dialect of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However , a defieicency of implementing and developing the state of hawaii language in Kazakhstan today has not been totally resolved. This can be most likely an issue of time. Even though some research has concentrated only around the description of problem, different work provides sought showing how to solve and find possible solution of the problem. Kabdrakhmanov(2002) said that irrespective of all positive changes in Kazakhstan, in many spheres of our society's daily activity Kazakh is still merely a dialect of translation. Erimbetov (2011) provides the fact that problem of development and implementation of Kazakh inside the Kazakh SSR was generally determined by the political approach to the Soviet Union. This individual also agued that with each completing year, Kazakh's sphere of application diminished and the major reason is the personal system of Soviet Union. Although according to Kabdrakhmanov's phrases the problem of development of Kazakh in Kazakhstan is mixed-schools. He declared that a school has more than 50 % of its classes with Russian as the chinese language of research, and less than half with Kazakh because the language of study. Hence, the affect of the Russian language manifests itself. Additional researches present how to resolve this problem and which approach will be more fruitful. According to the study in 2012 Kazakh people recommend open totally free language centers, which will help persons improve their language skills. Shulakova (2012) suggest that more and more people should register their children in Kazakh little one's preschool establishments and universities.