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The Cosmic Point of view, 7e (Bennett et approach. )

Health supplement 1: Puro Timekeeping and Navigation

S1. 1 Qmc (question multiple choice ) Questions

1) The amount of time between successive goes of a star through the meridian is usually A) twenty three hours 56 minutes.

B) a day.

C) 365. 25 days.

D) more than a decade.

E) 26, 1000 years.

Answer: A

2) Which will of the following statements regarding sidereal and solar days is not the case? A) A solar time is 4 minutes much longer than a sidereal day.

B) A solar working day represents more than 360° of rotation pertaining to Earth. C) The time it will take for a legend to make 1 circuit of the sky is definitely one sidereal day. D) The time it will take for the Sun to make one circuit of our sky is definitely one sun day. E) The time it takes for the Moon for making one outlet of our atmosphere is 1 solar time. Answer: Elizabeth

3) Which will of the following is the reason for the solar day time being much longer than a sidereal day? A) precession of Earth's axis

B) the tilt of Globe's axis

C) the combined a result of the rotation of The planet and its orbit about the sunlight D) The planet year becoming a non-integer range of Earth times

E) the non-circular orbit of Earth round the sun

Response: C

4) The average duration of a solar power day can be

A) 23 several hours 56 a few minutes.

B) 24 hours.

C) 365. 25 days.

D) 12 years.

E) 26, 000 years.

Solution: B

5) The tacha month is usually longer than the sidereal month because A) the Celestial body overhead completes the cycle of lunar stages before it completes a complete orbit about Earth. B) the Celestial satellite has to finish more than one complete orbit around Earth to complete the cycle of lunar phases. C) the Moon orbits Earth faster than Globe orbits direct sunlight.

D) the Celestial body overhead orbits Earth faster than Earth rotates.

E) the tacha month is based on the Moon's orbit, even though the sidereal month is based on Earth's orbit. Solution: B

6) What kind of your time can be examine directly from a sundial?

A) evident solar time

B) mean solar time

C) normal time

D) daylight saving period

E) sidereal time

Response: A

7) All the next statements are true. Which one explains so why mean solar time varies from apparent solar period? A) The length of a solar day is definitely not always accurately 24 hours. B) Earth's rotation period is in fact about 23 hours 56 minutes, not 24 hours. C) Earth's axis precesses having a period of twenty six, 000 years.

D) The Sun reaches the meridian at diverse times at different longitudes within the same time zone. E) The path in the Sun throughout the sky depends upon both lat. and particular date. Answer: A

8) Which of the next is the reason for the leap years? A) precession of Globe's axis

B) the tilt of Earth's axis

C) the put together effect of the rotation of Earth and its orbit about the Sun D) Earth yr being a non-integer number of Earth days

E) the noncircular orbit of Globe around the Sun

Answer: M

9) Our calendar has leap years because

A) there exists one more sidereal day in a year than sun days. B) a exotic year is usually slightly more than 365 days.

C) there exists a difference between a sidereal year and a warm year. D) the perihelion of Earth's orbit is definitely slowly improving.

Solution: B

10) Based on the current Gregorian calendar, which will of the pursuing years is usually not a start year? A) 2000

B) 2004

C) 2008

D) 2012

E) All of the over are step years.

Answer: At the

11) The Sun is growing in the east and will be in your meridian in 2 hours. What time would it be? A) a couple of A. M.

B) 2 G. M.

C) 10 A. M.

D) 10 S. M.

E) noonday noontide, meridian

Response: C

12) What is the hour angle of a legend crossing the meridian? A) -6 hours

B) 0 several hours

C) 6 hours

D) It depends on your own latitude.

E) This will depend on the proper ascension of the star.

Answer: M

13) Suppose you existed at Globe's equator. Which in turn of the next statements would not be accurate? A) The north celestial pole can be directly on the horizon, due north (with Polaris quite nearby). B) The southern celestial post is directly on your distance, due south. C) Each day of the season, the Sun is above the horizon to get 12...

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