Reflective Dissertation

Reflective Essay


During the lessons trained in the past several weeks, the most attention-grabbing topic protected to me was the four improved lenses temperament lesson. Taking the several color contacts test has made me discover what type of personality person I actually am and why I have been making a number of the decisions I've. As my primary color being green, I now see that I was more summary, independent, and research-oriented person. As I take a look at my other classmates, My spouse and i also observe how they action based on their lenses color. Knowing and realizing the different lenses colours, also means a basis on how to stimulate the different temperaments. When coping with an orange colored temperament I should expect to end up being challenged or debated. Whereby I need to always be flexible and adaptable so that tasked given can be achieved. I think I am able to take this to my job center and understand why some of my subordinates act how they do. Getting mainly a natural temperament, My spouse and i am persistent thinker and don't accept things at encounter value which usually find me personally in a constant state of research to figure out just how things job. Although becoming this type of personality is not a bad factor, I have also discover that I possess a impaired spot. Being that blue personality is my own blind place, it makes me a tiny sightless to a person whose temperament will be blue. They are more sympathetic, sensitive, and compassionate. Recognizing and understanding what type of color lenses my subordinates come under will give us a better comprehension on how to encourage the different temperaments and overall allow me the actual work environment more productive.