technology Essay


Amaran, Alain

ENC 1102

Prof Watkins, Cynthia

Summertime 2014

Technology is the Centre of this Generation's Lifestyle

Technology is the centre of this generation's lifestyle. Which will mean that we can use this new and helpful technology to the advantage, to make our lives less difficult in many aspects, read up and complete ourselves with useful expertise in the mouse click, right? Really frustrating once something that can be quite a great tool, can become a negative feature. Unfortunately that's what's taking place with technology, we are losing the ability to socially interact with one another anywhere else besides through a phone or computer system. People don't notice the harm technology has been doing to our lives. They think it is excellent to have interaction more by using a computer within person. Those are the individuals who are taking what technology was created for and exaggerating that to actually make it more useless than useful. Any type of technology used to communicate was intended to set up meetings and appointments, conveniently tell a person while you are running past due, or tell someone anything important quickly. No one is saying that's all you should employ technology to get; there can easily obviously be a balance between the two, provided that one doesn't get caught up. More is definitely not always better. That is the case with technology, it's hard to see that such a good thing can be less and less valuable when it is goal drains faraway from a commodity and leans towards redundancy. Social rules are changing rapidly for that reason. People tend not to interact a similar with each other as they are used to talking more by using a computer or phone within person. The stronger technology gets, the greater people will suffer personal exposure to others and stay in the same realm of communicating only through devices. Nobody is going to deny that technology can be an addicting everyday action, that's one of the greatest problems; all of us seem to be as well busy to have personal contact, even if we all aren't. " Our era is...

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