Television versus Radio Dissertation

Television set vs A radio station

Multimedia Research-Topic Proposal

Television VS Radio

Nowadays of ever-increasing access to various kinds of media, the top question that should be asked is which is the better medium, the television or the car radio. The younger generation ballots for TV while the car radio is the range of the elderly. But this is certainly more of a social condition when compared to a trend. TELEVISION SET has many positive aspects, the main being that there is a picture visible around the screen with no imagination is essential. An audience can just sit down in front of the TV for hours without thinking or bonding but in car radio the audience needs to be alert and actively socialize. There is even more educational content on the airwaves than in the news. A lot of us observe soaps and soap is actually a method of escapism from the real world. Most of us opt to watch other people's life story rather than contemplating our own. Car radio talks even more about us, the life. Just before TV was invented a radio station was the simply form of entertainment. The most interesting thing regarding radio is that it is extremely interactive. Even more exiting is that radio is normally live. The host must work harder to attract the listeners, to compensate the lack of visuals ( non-verbal communication). As well as radio is usually portable whereas TV can be not. Almost every household today has a TV SET but tend not to necessarily own a radio. Nevertheless thanks to internet we have on the net radio as a result allowing people to get access to the airwaves. TV or radio, both has its advantages and disadvantages. Right now that the two TV and radio are accessible towards the 21st century persons, which channel do they prefer and why?