General terms and conditions that regulate the interactions between the Client and the Company

This legal document constitutes the contract between Our Site and the Client. All actions of the Client and Our Site are regulated by this set of legitimate rules, therefore, it is deemed to be accepted by both parties of the agreement. No actions at the Our Site and related services, which are not approved by this set of legitimate rules, are allowed. In addition, the Client may not use Our Site for any of the objectives that lead or may lead to possible errors, mistakes or harmful distortions in the work of different services of Our Site. The Client should not use our writing service and/or related services provided by Our Site for purposes that are in any possible way illegal, harmful and/or potentially dangerous to the functioning of our website or the safety of information collected by Our Site. All information, which is provided by the Client through this website to Our Site, must be in all means correct and complete.

Registration at the Our Site: special requirements

Firstly, the Client should ensure that all details of his or her personal data are free of all inaccuracies and/or distortions. Secondly, the Client has to inform Our Site about any significant changes of the personal data that is provided through Our Site. In addition, the Client must update his or her personal data in case of considerable changes that must be reflected in his or her personal profile. Please note that all these rules are aimed at the improvement of communication between the Client and Our Site and as a result the improvement of the quality of various services provided by our writing service. On the contrary, the Client is free to cancel the registration at Our Site at any time by formulating the appropriate request at the website or using other ways of communication. Naturally, if the Client refuses to follow rules described in these Terms and Conditions he or she must refrain from using Our Site.

Specialized rules and demands

The Client should not transfer any of the rights under this agreement to any other person, regardless of any circumstances. According to the Policy of Our Site, which is aimed at the permanent improvement of its services, these Conditions and Terms can be changed by our writing service in a legitimate way. The modified Terms and Conditions, as well as the previous set of rules, will be available online at Our Site. The Client has to check this agreement regularly in order to guarantee that all actions performed through this website are legitimate. According to this agreement, all the interactions between the Company and the Client must be performed in a legitimate manner, in accordance with Privacy Policy and specific Terms of Our Site. These Terms and Conditions become legitimate since their acceptance by both sides of the agreement. No third party have legitimate rights to change the rules included in these Terms and Conditions or specify extra obligations for the participants of this agreement.