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Its fall of 2001 and then you�re an employee intended for Enron, one of many largest strength companies on the globe at the time. As an employee you could have the option of owning stock in it so you have a retirement plan with Enron. But what an individual know is that Enron has been committing accounting fraud for some time now and Enron's stocks and shares aren't truly worth $90 and they are shortly going to seek bankruptcy relief. The business owners haven't alerted you this because if that they told you the fact, you would consider your money out and they will lose all their money. Instead what the professionals will do is take all their money from the stocks right before it crashes and you will lose all of your money and pension because you were unaware this was actually happening. In October 2001 this is exactly what happened to 20, 1000 employees whom worked intended for Enron. You may well be thinking that this kind of happened in 2001 and these things avoid occur ever again. My problem is to ask how prevalent is accounting fraudulence and what you can do to stop this? Investigation

In his article, How Bout the SOX, Derek Loosevelt hits a hot topic when ever talking about the consequences of the many scandals of the 2000s. Loosevelt introduces one of the most essential repercussions, the possible incarceration for deceitful acts and, " A requirement that each audit associates must be spun at least once every five years…” (Loosevelt). Whilst gary Giroux as well shows the prevalence of accounting scams by talking about " The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was approved in 2002 basically to get rid of future scandals. ” (Giroux). Giroux likewise names " greed and hubris” since reoccurring topics in scams. I began to research information concerning ways to prevent accounting fraud. In his content, Financial Fraud-Accounting for Criminals, Kevin Voigt talks with many former scammers and gathers tips on methods to detect accounting fraud. Many of the criminals mentioned there are 3 elements to committing accounting fraud, " …Incentive, option and justification. ”...

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